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Specifications Code: WSU150/38 Load per Castor: 350kg Wheel Diameter: 150mm Bearing Type: Plain Bore Overall Height : 180mm
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Specifications Code: WSU200/38 Load per Castor: 500kg Wheel Diameter: 200mm Bearing Type: Plain Bore Overall Height : 250mm

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Specifications Code: WCR125/H-TB-SF Load per Castor: 120kg Wheel Diameter: 125mm Wheel Width: 32mm Bearing Type: Ball Bearing Wheel Material: Grey Rubber Overall Height : 160mm

Furniture Castors

Our twin wheel furniture castors are highly manoeuvrable. The two wheels in these castors work independently to allow easy swivel action which prevents damage to carpet pile. Our furniture castors are designed for both function and aesthetics, making them ideal for domestic and office applications. Our customers use the twin wheel furniture castors for a range of applications such as light mobile display racks, institutional furniture and equipment, shop fittings and displays.  These are an economical option, up for the task in a wet or corrosive area as well.

Why Wheelco is the smart choice in scaffold castor partner

Every day thousands of people across New Zealand are onboard a scaffold. Whether it’s a home construction business, painting and decorating, home cleaning and maintenance or even a DIYer busy at work on the weekend, there’s one thing that every scaffold user has in common - a healthy concern for their safety whilst off the ground. 

At Wheelco, we supply businesses and individuals with scaffold wheels that are incredibly durable and hard wearing. Our scaffold wheels come in a number of configurations but all are heavy duty and securely locked in place with a brake that’s positioned over the top of the castor wheel for maximum stability. 

The team at Wheelco spend time sourcing only the best scaffold wheels that will take the rigours of a busy building team, day in day out. Our range fits most standard scaffolds, and we’re able to custom build a solution to ensure perfect fit between the castor pole/mount and your scaffold frame. We have a number of solutions with adjustable spinner clamps that provide additional flexibility for users. 

We’re a locally operated and owned business, having supplied scaffold uses with castors for more than 25 years. Our team has been built of knowledgeable product and installation experts who can help everyone from weekend warriors to large scale construction companies with their scaffold wheel needs. 

Where you’ll find Wheelco’s scaffold castors

Scaffolding is central to so many businesses' operations each day. As you might imagine, the set up, moving, use of and deconstruction of scaffolding can take a toll on components over a longer period of time. Even with clear quality standards that must be met on safety equipment like a scaffold, no parts are totally impervious to wear and tear. Castor wheels with brakes, the kinds that you’ll find on a scaffold are regularly manipulated with a work boot as they are released to enable movement of the scaffold unit around a house or building before being locked back in place. As users approach and climb up a scaffold, there’s also the chance of equipment or heavy materials like paint being dropped on the castors.

For these reasons and many others, scaffold castor wheels need to be replaced. Who better than the castor wheel experts Wheelco to provide high quality scaffold wheel replacements?

Industries that use movable scaffolds

Wheelco’s scaffold castors can be spotted on building sites, hire companies, farms, orchards, next to DIYers homes, painting and decorating businesses and buildings being cleaned. We’re also found in many warehouses and industrial storage applications, along with engineering and automotive environments.  

Advice for buying scaffold castors online

Finding a replacement online can speed up the process and reduce your downtime without a working scaffold. But there are some things to think about:

  • What is the weight of the entire scaffold frame and platforms?
  • What is the weight of equipment and materials the scaffold will be supporting?
  • How many people and what is the total weight of everyone who’ll be on the scaffold?
  • Do the total number of castors comfortably support all of the above weight combined?
  • Is the castor rated to international standards?
  • Does the scaffold castor allow for reassuring, stable braking, even on soft or uneven ground surfaces?
  • Does the castor allow the scaffold to be easily moved incrementally against the side of a building or house? Can you rotate the entire scaffold easily with these castor wheels?
  • Is the mount compatible with my scaffold?
  • Do I need CAD files or support from the supplier with determining the compatibility and fit for purpose?
  • Can I install these myself?
  • What width of wheel do I need?

Wheelco has all of these considerations and questions covered. In fact our team is known for both speed of response to your questions and our friendly approach to guiding you through the selection of your scaffold castor wheel. Because getting the right wheel for the job is our business. 

Custom scaffold wheel solutions

We stock the primary scaffold castors that most customers need. But that doesn’t represent every scaffold wheel we can supply. Thanks to our strong supplier relationships, we can take specifications you might have and either assemble a custom solution in house or source this directly from Europe and have it fast tracked to you.  Get in touch with our team today for a free consultation. 

Installation and purchase help for your scaffold castors

We’re not just a supplier. We help guide your installation should there be any questions. Our wheels can also be supplied with CAD drawings if measurements need to be taken into account pre purchase. If you’re not sure if a particular scaffold castor will work, you can provide us information about your scaffold model and we may be able to help. 

We also keep careful records on all our customers’ order history, meaning that if you need to replace more scaffolds of the same kind, our team will be able to take care of the order for you in future.