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Puncture Proof Wheels
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  • Below you’ll find a range of wheels that are built to withstand environments where jagged, rough and sharp objects may come into contact with your equipment. Our puncture proof wheels are ideal for hundreds of applications and areas. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Chat to our friendly team who can help you.

Puncture Proof Wheels

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Why we’re the best option for puncture proof wheels

Wheelco have been supplying puncture proof wheels to Kiwi businesses for the better part of 25 years. We understand the various industries we supply to, having gained invaluable knowledge and experience about why these businesses choose certain wheel types. This extensive history in the wheel industry enables us to provide you with the best products and advice for your needs. Puncture proof wheels need to withstand all sorts of impacts and contact with objects that may damage a regular wheel. Because of the requirements you have for puncture proof wheels, we ensure that we select products to supply that are up to the job. 

Our team provides support nationwide to businesses, from the initial enquiry through to post purchase support. We believe that you’re buying more than simply a wheel; you’re trusting us as a supplier to enable your business to operate well. We take that seriously and know that our speed of response and quality of advice is something that Kiwi businesses deserve. 

So whether you want to order your puncture proof wheels online, talk to someone on the phone, chat via email or even arrange a meeting in person for large scale requirements, we look forward to chatting.

Where you’ll find puncture proof tyres

Puncture proof wheels are popular in many workplaces where there is a need for long term function without the risk of downtime. That’s why puncture proof is a popular option for hand trucks, wheelbarrows and even large lawnmowers. In areas with plenty of puncture hazards like construction sites, puncture proofs are typically opted for where possible. But factories and warehouses can also create issues for wheeled equipment, especially in areas like loading bays. 

A loose screw or nail can take out an air-filled standard wheel, whereas a puncture proof wheel that’s foam filled will keep going. Changing a flat tyre takes time, so removing this issue with a puncture proof wheel can be a cost saving measure, and not just a matter of convenience. 

Industries that choose Wheelco

We provide puncture proof wheels to everyone from construction to manufacturing, landscaping to logistics. If your business needs to avoid punctures to a piece of load carrying equipment, these wheels are right for you. 

Important note on puncture proof wheels

Puncture proof wheels have a mixture of foam and rubber, giving them the puncture proof abilities. This design also gives a degree of give/flex, and they are more lightweight than solid rubber. Therefore this wheel type appeals to delivery drivers, couriers and similar industries. But their biggest drawback is that they cannot handle loads left on them 24/7 as they will then tend to flatspot -that’s just due to the composition not being “solid”. If you need a load carried on wheels constantly, consider our other wheel categories or get in touch with the team for more specific guidance. 

Advice for buying puncture proof wheels online

If you’re researching puncture proof wheels and/or tyres, here’s some useful tips to get you started:

  • Make sure you know the bore diameter of your equipment so you choose the right puncture proof wheel for your axle or mount.
  • Determine the size of the wheel you need for sufficient clearance and compatibility with your equipment.
  • What is the load weight you’ll be carrying with the equipment? Ensure the puncture proof tyre is rated for a weight that combined with the number of wheels, can safely hold your expected loads. Allow 25-30% as a buffer.
  • Do you  need an offset hub to fit your equipment properly?
  • What sort of tread do you need in your tyre? Will you be clearing uneven surfaces or rolling across certain material? Having a deeper tread may suit places like grounds or construction sites, whilst a shallow, smoother tread may provide easier movement on a flat factory floor for example.
  • Can you order the volume required for a large fleet of equipment if needed? 

Wheelco can help guide you through these questions so you make the right purchase decisions. 

Irregular wheel sizes or custom builds

Sometimes your requirements won’t be met by the standard range available and that’s okay. Our commitment to customers is to get them the right wheel for the job. If you can’t find the puncture proof wheel you need, chat to us and we may be able to order an irregular wheel through our supplier. 

Wheelco also can do custom builds for customers who need handling equipment for a specific need that isn’t available otherwise. Our custom work has been used in aviation, supermarkets, manufacturing and many other places. 

We prioritise quality and reliability in our puncture proof wheels

The use of wheels in an industrial or commercial setting means that the equipment needs to be to the rigours of daily use. Wheelco strives to put only the best wheels in the hands of our customers, using industrial grade materials and an excellent machining and quality control process.

Assistance with installing your wheels

Need help post purchase? Wheelco’s team provides detailed installation support should you need it. We can provide this via email or on the phone. It’s our dedication to getting customers rolling that makes us the choice of so many as a long term partner. We can provide CAD drawings for your wheel if available, providing useful reference for compatibility check and preparation of load carrying equipment.