Sliding Door Systems

We offer multiple sliding door solutions, including off-the-shelf components and custom-designed parts for special projects.

Simple concept, many solutions

We stock overhead tracks, hanging overhead wheeled carriages, and all the hardware required to fit them to your doors.

Picking the right solution

Our sliding doors range from small hanging door systems to large industrial roller solutions. In every case, we determine the load required and the forces involved in moving your doors and will recommend the right components for the task.

The right size for every job

We stock a comprehensive range of sliding door systems from 120kg to 450kg and all components such as tracks, wheeled hangers, brackets, floor guides and more.

wheelco sliding door systems

Download the Sliding Door product pages from the Wheelco Catalogue.

Finding the
Right Solution

Sliding door hardware is popular, not just for doors. These components are also commonly used for gates, showroom displays and even overhead cable management.
wheelco sliding door tracks

Sliding Door Tracks

Our tracks are made from high quality folded steel and are available in 3m to 6m lengths. Standard tracks can support from 120kg to 450kg.

wheelco sliding door wheel tracks

Wheel Carriages

We carry height-adjustable carriages in both single axle and double axle configurations. These steel & nylon options range from 120kg to 450kg.

wheelco sliding door mounting brackets

Mounting Brackets

Brackets come in all shapes and sizes, and we have the right ones for your job—single, double, overhead or angled supports. Talk to our team about options.

wheelco sliding door parts & hardware

Parts & Hardware

We stock sliding door hardware for various fitting options and supply replacement or upgrade parts for your existing sliding doors.

Have a Sliding Door problem?

Talk to us about Sliding Door components.  Our knowledgeable staff will ensure you get the right product.

Our team think outside the box to create innovative custom rolling solutions for all types of projects.

Solution Spotlight

In the case where it is not in stock, Wheelco will design and manufacture wheels to suit your application. Here’s how we helped one happy customer with a “massive” problem.

Our customer had a number of large heavy doors 10m high that needed to roll easily.  The Wheelco engineering design team came up with a specially designed V-groove profile wheel, running on an inverted angle. This solved the problem and resulted in a happy customer who will have many years of trouble free use.

Another case of “we keep you rolling”!

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