Solid Wheels

Wheels are everywhere, but people seldom consider the design and engineering that goes into their development. Find out why the simple wheel is far more complex than many realise.

Rolling forward

The concept of using a wheel to reduce the work of transporting items has been around for thousands of years. These days, with a greater understanding of physics, combined with advances in manufacturing and materials, the humble wheel has become quite the feat of engineering.

We have the solution

It’s no longer just a matter of transportation. Many factors go into choosing the right wheel for the job (see below). Wheelco carries an extensive range of German-engineered wheels from Blickle, a world-leader in wheel development and manufacturing.

Our range of materials, tread-types, sizes and construction engineering means we have a product for virtually any materials handling task. Talk to our friendly team about how to determine the correct wheel for your job.

Health & Safety

An increasingly significant factor when choosing the right wheel is both the physical impact the work has on an operator as well as the damage in improperly selected wheel can do to flooring or other items it comes in contact with. The choice of wheel used will affect the amount of physical effort a worker must employ for a task. Over time, a poor choice can lead to excessive strain or injury, or potential wheel failure.

Wheelco solid wheels

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Finding the
Right Wheel

Finding the correct wheel for any application requires the understanding of multiple factors. Understanding these factors will have a significant impact on the performance of your wheels and the operator.
Wheelco wheels load rating

Load Rating

Its construction, size and type determine each wheels load capacity rating. By calculating the load required for a task, we can correctly specify the type of wheel to employ, the number needed and even the optimal placement. These calculations include a “safety margin” based on the conditions of the task undertaken.

Wheelco wheels hardness

Wheel Hardness

Our wheel surface materials provide a range of different hardness options. But merely choosing the “toughest” wheel for the job is not always the best answer. The hardness (or softness) of your wheel affects many factors, including rolling performance, operator comfort, noise, potential damage to flooring and more.

Wheelco wheels roll resistance

Roll Resistance

The operator’s most significant amount of physical work is overcoming the starting resistance, ie, getting things rolling. You can’t change the flooring surface type, but choosing the correct wheel size, tread, hardness, and bearing can help reduce the initial rolling resistance. These factors also affect the wheel once in motion.

Wheelco wheels hazard resistance

Hazard Resistance

Choosing the right tyre material to suit your environment’s hazards is crucial to ensure your wheels’ functionality and longevity. Your tyres may need to be chemical or corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant, heat resistant, slip-resistant or a combination of multiple factors depending on your task or environment.

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We are not limited to off-the-shelf solutions. Wheelco can source specialist wheels for any situation.

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