Pneumatic Wheels

With low operation noise and high floor preservation, pneumatic wheels offer benefits to workspaces with multiple flooring surfaces and quiet environments.

A flexible solution

The elastic nature of pneumatic wheels makes them ideal when transitioning between different surface types or other obstacles, such as; door frames, drainage grates, steps and ramp edges. This flexibility also makes pneumatic tyres popular for tasks involving both indoor and outdoor locations.

Operation Noise

Noise becomes a critical consideration in the workplace, particularly in environments where hard surfaces reflect sound, commonly found in commercial settings. Typically the larger and softer the tyre, the lower the noise.  Less noise improves not only operator comfort but also the comfort of those around them.

Surface Preservation

The need to protect a flooring’s finish may impact the type of materials and tread you choose for your wheels. Softer options offer more protection that hard options. Don’t just consider your workplace, but also the flooring of other sites you may visit, such as making deliveries to a client.

wheelco pneumatic wheels

Download the Pneumatic Wheels product pages from the Wheelco Catalogue.

Find the Right Pneumatic Wheel

Finding the correct pneumatic wheel requires the consideration of a few key factors. Talk to the Wheelco team about your options.
wheelco pneumatic wheels load rating

Load Rating

Our pneumatic wheel options cater for loads from 50kg to 1300kg (depending on size and construction). By calculating your task’s load rating, we can specify the best pneumatic wheel to use and the number of wheels needed. Our calculations include a “safety margin” based on the specifics of the task.

wheelco pneumatic wheels tread type

Tread Type

We offer a large range of tread variations and can recommend the best tread for your application, be it mud, grass, tarmac, beach, concrete or a combination of these.

wheelco pneumatic wheels rims and bearings

Rims & Bearings

We offer rims in steel & plastic options which can be fitted with Plain Bore, Nylon Bushes or Ball Bearing dependant on rolling performance, load size and axle requirements.

wheelco pneumatic wheels application


We provide a wide range of wheels to suit your application. Our range caters for high speed, heavy loads, beach use, go carts, wheel barrows, trailer wheels and the list goes on. Check with the Wheelco staff for details or download our pneumatic wheel catalogue.

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Talk to the Wheelco team about the best Pneumatic Wheel for your tasks. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure you have the right solution.

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Orders & Enquiries

Order online if you know what you’re after or visit our Tauranga showroom & warehouse for in-person purchases. Feel free to give us a call or email if you have any questions.