Materials Handling

Materials handling covers a wide range of products, both ready-made and custom. If you have a particular materials handling problem, talk to the Wheelco staff.

The right tool for the job

Moving things from A – B sounds simple enough, but a lot of materials handling is repetitive and labour intensive. This work calls for specialist equipment.

Using the right equipment makes the work more comfortable for the operator and makes the work more efficient and safer. Wheelco offers a comprehensive range of trolleys, trucks, dollies and more. With high-quality parts and materials, our solutions are manufactured for functionality and longevity.

Custom Solutions

If we don’t have an off-the-shelf solution, we can make one! Unlike many suppliers, Wheelco is “solution-driven”, meaning we offer custom design-and-build options to suit your particular requirements. Don’t put up with something that’s “near enough”; talk to us about a solution that works for you.

wheelco materials handling handtruck

Download the Materials Handling product pages from the Wheelco Catalogue.

Find the
Right Solution

We have a range of material handling options ready to go. If you are not sure what you need or require something specific, talk to our team.

wheelco materials handling handtrucks


We stock Handtrucks in a variety of configurations with load ratings from 150kg to 300kg. Available with pneumatic or puncture-proof wheels and even a stair-climbing wheel option.

wheelco materials handling shelf and bin trolleys

Shelf & Bin Trolleys

Steel tube or plastic frame construction. Available with either flat shelves, plastic bins or coated wire baskets. Popular with food and medical industries but useful just about anywhere.

wheelco materials handling platform trolleys

Platform Trolleys

Like our handtrucks, these platform trolleys are rated from 150kg-300kg. These are designed primarily for indoor use over flat surfaces and the PH300 has a handle that can be folded away when not in use.

wheelco materials handling flatdeck trolleys

Flatdeck Trolleys

These Trolleys combine the stability of 4 wheels with the convenience of a flatbed design. These are great for both indoor and outdoor applications and are available with or without sides.

wheelco materials handling pallet truck

Pallet Trucks

Available in several configurations, suitable for 4-way entry into CHEP pallets, standard pallets and pallet weighing.  Models rated between 1500kg and 2500kg load capacity.

wheelco materials handling scissor lifts

Scissor Lifts

Scissor Lifts are great back-savers when loading or unloading items to raised levels. They come with a foot-operated hydraulic lift, hand release, and rear-wheel braking.

wheelco materials handling custom designed solutions

Specialist Products

Our range includes specialist products designed for specific tasks within the building, moving, food industries and more. Talk to our team about a solution for your industry.

wheelco materials handling parts


We offer replacement parts for many materials handling products. A popular upgrade is swapping out castors to suit a particular need. Talk to our team for more part options.

wheelco storage bins

Storage Bins

We stock a variety of hangable and stackable storage bins. Great for organising small parts and components in any workshop or industrial setting. Multiple sizes are available.

Have a Materials Handling issue to solve?

Talk to the Wheelco team about the right solution for your situation. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure you have the right solution.

The “Wheelco Experience” focuses on quality, reliability and value to serve our customer needs.

We can handle it

Order online if you know what you’re after or visit our Tauranga showroom & warehouse for in-person purchases. Feel free to give us a call or email if you have any questions.