Castors are defined as at least one wheel housed within a bracket. This configuration allows more versatility than traditional wheel-and-axle designs.

Simple concept, many solutions

Castors, they are synonymous with office chairs, and many people don’t think beyond that role. But castors are everywhere, proving themselves to be a hardy and innovation answer to many transportation and material handling problems.

The right size for every job

Castors come in numerous sizes and configurations to suit a wide variety of applications. Castors are incredibly robust for their size, with models designed to support loads from 20kg to 50,000kg.
While often thought of as only being small, huge casters do exist. Our range offers castors from 35mm to a whopping 620mm!

Greater mobility

Swivel castors allow a much greater range of mobility than old fixed-wheel designs. Depending on your configuration, a series of swivel castors can enable a load to turn 360 degrees within its footprint. This ability makes castors the ideal solution for any items that need to navigate corners or tight spaces.

wheelco castors fixed or swivel

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Fixed, swivel or swivel braked

Most people only consider the size and weight rating when choosing a castor, but several factors go into the decision-making process to ensure you get the right solution for your project.  Here are just a few.

castors weight rating icon

Weight Rating

Its construction materials, and design determine the castors load-rating. The load-rating is an essential part of the calculation when selecting the correct type, size and number of castors required to meet your expectations for performance and longevity.

castors fixed or swivel options

Fixed or Swivel

Fixed castor brackets do not move, and are best for minimal turning. Swivel caster brackets turn freely offering maximum manoeuvrability. Braking castors are ideal for converting a mobile unit into a secure work platform, holding secure on sloping ground.

castors size and clearance requirements

Size & Clearance

Consideration is needed when choosing the correct size castors, checking all dimensions and whether the unit will still fit in the confined space. As castors offer a wide variety of sizes, it’s easy to find a solution that will work within any dimensional limitation your project may have.

castors mounting options

Mounting Options

The means of fastening a castor will be affected by the stresses for which it’s designed. Castors carrying a lighter load often are secured by a bolt hole or socket fitting type.  Rectangular plate mounting is more suitable for heavy use whereby the load can be evenly distributed.

wheelco castors suit many rolling surfaces

Rolling Surface

The surface you intend to use a castor on will determine the material used for the wheel. Different materials and tread create different amounts of resistance, affecting the starting effort and continued ease of motion.

wheelco hazard resistance requirements

Hazard Resistance

Take into account any hazards within the environment where the castor is employed, such as heat, chemicals and sharp or abrasive materials. Different castor wheel materials offer various resistances to hazards.

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The amount of physical labour required to move an object is significantly reduced when applying the correct castor.

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